4-Pack Wooden Puzzles

For Toddlers Age 2-4 Years Old

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Educational Wooden Puzzles: Our wooden puzzles are perfect for children aged 2 and above. They are designed to enhance education, promote Montessori principles, and stimulate STEM learning. 🧠 Cognitive Development: These puzzles improve spatial awareness, fine motor skills, concentration, and shape recognition. They encourage children to think critically and solve problems. 🌱 Eco-friendly and Safe Materials: The puzzles are made of durable and eco-friendly wood, ensuring a healthy and safe play experience. They are free of lead and coated with non-toxic water-based paint. 🐊 Four Different Shapes: This wooden puzzle set includes four different shapes: a ship, a police car, a dinosaur, and a crocodile. Each puzzle piece is carefully crafted and designed to engage children’s curiosity and imagination. Package Dimensions: 8.7*4.3*2.4inch Recommended Age: Ideal for kids aged 2 years and up. Material: The puzzles are made of durable and eco-friendly wood.


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